Intro to Coding (Python)

Luke Witten

Programming can often seem scary to newcomers because they need to learn an entirely new system with confusing rules. This causes many to give up on coding before they can really even start. In this workshop you will learn how to think like a programmer in one of the easiest languages to learn! We will look at basic coding concepts and logic to try and decipher how code works, making it more approachable.

Addressing Covid-19

(Speaker Event)

Gloria and Bo

Gloria will be speaking on how she helped create a dashboard to track Covid-19 impacts for the HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) group at ConocoPhillips. This dashboard is used heavily by the ConocoPhillips crisis management teams to streamline reporting on Covid-19 impacts and trends to get ahead of potential political disruptions across the business.

Addressing Covid-19


Bo will be speaking on how to use R to perform business analytics on publicly available data for Covid-19. He’ll showcase how he manipulates the data to display in an application for further consumption and analysis.

Both of their efforts align with the hackathon theme and will highlight their work from a corporate perspective as well as an academic one.

Girls Talk Tech

Women working in

ConocoPhillips IT

A group of young ladies will share their individual stories to pursuing careers in tech and are open to any questions you may have about working in the tech industry.

Cryptography and Information Security

Maggie Lin

A basic overview of cryptography and encryption, in history and how it is used today.

Let's Talk SciComm

Daphne Han

STEM tends to have the stereotype of being rigid whereas the arts or humanities are typically viewed as creative or fluid. Often times, many consider the two to be mutually exclusive. However, the cross section of the two is incredibly important and can serve as a gateway to introducing/teaching complex science ideas to the general public.

Version Control-Surviving System32

Ayush Suresh

Learn the mystical arts of git to avoid the agonizing feeling that accompanies a stolen laptop or damaged hard drive and begin building your CS resume!

Quantum Computing -

An entirely new era of technology

Caleb Hu

Learn the basic fundamentals of quantum computing, and why it could vastly change the world.

How to Code a Robot

The Role of Code in Real-World Engineering Today

Jimmy Xin

Coding a robot isn't just about creating androids. Learn the fundamentals of how to code a robot (no language experience necessary) and how those principles apply to pretty much everything in the engineering world today!

Machine Learning and Its Effects on Everything

Miles Mackenzie

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning, how it impacts our daily life, and some of the issues and problems caused by machine learning algorithms.

Dynamic Programming

Alicia Xia

Given n eggs and a k story building, what is the most efficient way to find the highest floor you can drop an egg from without it breaking? Learn how you can solve this and similar problems with dynamic programming and other clever algorithms!


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