2020 Speakers

Girls Talk Tech

Girls Talk Tech is a passionate group of women in tech at ConocoPhillips with a mission to educate, encourage, and empower young girls to embrace technology. We visit with local high school girls to share what it's like to have a career in tech as a female. Our goal is for young women to be informed that careers in technology exist and that they can do it, too!

Bo Cheng

Bo Cheng is a rotational IT New Hire at ConocoPhillips and has been with ConocoPhillips for 3 years, starting out as an Information Technology intern in 2017. His first role was a TAS Integration Lead, in charge of data management for the enterprise Teradata SAP Data Warehouse. Currently, he works as a Data Scientist, focusing on machine learning based solutions and data pipelines.

Gloria Weyermann

Gloria Weyermann is a Data Analytics Analyst for Global Projects (HSE & Lower 48) at ConocoPhillips and has been with ConocoPhillips for 4.5 years. She graduated in 2015 from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Finance (BBA). Growing up, she’s enjoyed classes and subjects dealing with numbers, equations, and problem solving­—pair that with her love for technology and it makes a great combination that she gets to experience in her current role! Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and their two dogs, watching Netflix, and cooking.

Daphne Han

Daphne Han is a rising senior at Kingwood High School who is passionate about science communication, creative education, and research. She is an organizer for Science and Us, a student-led non-profit dedicated to introducing students to the field of science communication and policy as well as the creator of the Asians of America project (a digital project sharing the stories of Asian Americans across the country). Daphne has also created and led a free one week math camp for middle school students in her district to improve mathematical literacy through creative learning as well as start Kingwood Talks, a TEDxTalk based club in her school that gives students a platform to speak on important issues.

Ayush Suresh

Ayush Suresh is a rising senior at St. John's School who finds joy in the intersection of technology and engineering with the humanities and interpersonal relations. He has developed several award-winning apps and is a USACO Platinum level algorithms programmer. He hopes to eventually contribute to the medical sciences or foreign policy with his technical acumen.

Caleb Hu

Caleb Hu is a rising senior at Bellaire High School who loves programming simply for the interesting ideas that people have found in algorithms. He spends the majority of his time doing algorithmic challenges on codeforces, and is candidate master in rank at codeforces. He has also done programming for the world championship qualified VEX team 2585V and the FRC team 2585. He hopes to do research in either classical or quantum computing, and discover faster algorithms for important tasks.

Jimmy Xin

Jimmy Xin is a rising senior at Bellaire High School who cherishes all things coding. He is the president and lead programmer of Bellaire's robotics team, Impact 2585. He has also developed apps for the app store and is a USACO gold level programmer, and is well-versed in the basics of quantum computers. He would love to play a role as a programmer in the next big steps of engineering as part of humankind's journey into space.

Luke Witten

Luke Witten is a rising senior at St. John's School who loves engineering, problem solving, and computer science. While primarily interested in engineering, Luke has organized coding classes at the Nehemiah center, a learning center for disenfranchised youth. Luke plans to use his engineering skills to create physical AI systems in the future. When he isn't working on STEM projects, Luke enjoys cooking, reading, and puzzle solving.

Miles Mackenzie

Miles Mackenzie is a rising senior at Bellaire High School who enjoys all things STEM. He is the head of machine learning for the computer science club and is involved in the robotics team. He has also developed apps for the app store. Outside of academics, Miles enjoys reading and hiking. He hopes to someday do physics research to continue his pursuit of understanding how the world works.

Maggie Lin

Maggie Lin is a rising Junior at Bellaire High school who loves puzzles and problem solving. She is interested in coding and cyber security, and has always been fascinated by cryptography. She is involved in the CS, math, and robotics clubs at Bellaire. Outside of school, Maggie enjoys playing cello, folding origami, and watching crime show reruns. She hopes to pursue psychology, astronomy, or CS/cybersecurity research in the future.

Alicia Xia

Alicia Xia (she/her) is a high school senior from Houston, Texas. As the president of her school’s award winning Computer Science and Math Club, Alicia enjoys giving lectures on advanced topics to their club members. Currently, Alicia is learning about data analysis with R. In her free time, Alicia likes to skateboard, play ping pong, and cook.