Thank you for your interest in attending the event! To ensure that submission and communication will go seamlessly please complete the following three steps.


Let us know you are participating by filling out this form (same as the one on the home page and you do not have to fill it out again if you already have).

2) Join our Discord

We've set up a messaging server which will be used to communicate with all attendees prior to and during the event, and we'd like you to join it! Hop into our server here, and you'll be able to see all of our alerts and reminders!

3) Join our Devpost

Create a Devpost account and join the event here: This is where you will be submitting your projects and where you will establish teams.

Once you have done these three things, then you are all set!

Contact us

if you have any further questions :)


Text message: +1-(832)-713-6908

Instagram: @ehack4charity

Twitter: @EhackC